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We build Balinese Bales and Wooden Houses

Custom designed creations and production for worldwide delivery

BaliBales designs and produces Bales and wooden houses for the worldwide market. Bales are open buildings, erected on foundations, with wooden column supports and a roof. A Bale is also often called a Pavilion, Gazebo or Cabaña. All our Bales and wooden houses are unique and custom made for each client, corporate or private.

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We only use high quality natural materials, traditional methods of construction and local Balinese craftsmen for each particular type of material. We also apply modern concepts of design into our Bales and Wooden Houses.

Phase 1 - Design

Our Bales are designed by our Clients with the Help of our Architect and Head Carpenter. Every design starts with a style selection and choice of materials. After this we suggest types of woods for columns, flooring and types of roof materials. At this point we will start technical drawings showing scale, sizes, proportions and design details of the finished look.

Phase 2 - Manufacturing

A team of expert craftsmen will follow every detail of the technical drawings provided. BaliBales has production facilities on the island of Bali. All our woods have been carefully preselected and dried in our own ovens. We do constant quality control inspections to make sure all aspects of both quality and design are being followed according to our standards. Once the carpentry is done, the structures are then assembled for inspection and finishing.

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How we work

BaliBales pays a great deal of attention in ensuring that all your requests and specifications are delivered. We maintain a direct and personal customer support system with each and everyone of our clients. Below we provide you with detailed information on about every step of our design and development process, from production to the final door-to-door delivery.


Step 1

Contact Us

Contact us by mail or telephone. During our first contacts we need to identify your exact wishes. Based on your requirements we will send you an initial drawing with a price indication. BaliBales has a large showroom, office and factory all in one not too far from the port and airport on Bali where people work in safe and clean surroundings.


Step 2

Design & Manufacturing

Our clients will be provided with architectural drawings during the design development stage and with a detailed set of technical drawings for review and approval. After signed approval, BaliBales will proceed with manufacturing. BaliBales will select all woods and materials and carefully inspect that they are of the highest quality whilst a team of skilled craftsmen will follow every detail of the drawings provided. Our carpenters will work with a coding system for knock down assembly. All our products come with a detailed manual for easy and comprehensive reassembly.

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  • BaliBales / Laras Bali
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  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Contact person: David 't Hoen / Herman Tan
  • Phone: +62 811 399 5557
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